Before and After – Editing a County Wall Map – Map of Windham County, Vermont

We obtained a digital copy of McClellan’s Map of Windham County, Vermont from the Library of Congress, and we have recently digitally repaired the damaged original copy.


On the left is the original digital copy as downloaded from the Library of Congress.  On the right is our edited & repaired version. Ee have cleaned up some stains and even fixed some holes in the map!


This corner was repaired by carefully patching in a corner from a different version of the same map, using Photoshop.



The border of this map features a repeating pattern, so fixing these holes was as easy as patching in the same parts of the pattern from a different area of the border.


Misaligned sections of LC map (note the caption ) were corrected by digitally stretching the sections of the image to line up with each other.


Now this old map looks like new again! You can see this map in our store here.


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