Crooked Stump on 1879 Kentucky County Map – Garrard & Lincoln County

Just found a “Crooked Stump” on an 1879 Kentucky County Wall map. It’s on the Garrard/Lincoln County wall map, right next to Richmond Junction . Why is it there?  It must have been a big deal to neighbor “J. Pepples” and the other folks in the area.  Was it huge, or all alone in the middle of a  large farm field? Was it a gathering place?  The 19th century wall maps always show houses, businesses, roads and rivers. Occasionally we also see a major land feature like a mountain cliff or an historic site. But a crooked stump?

The Garrard and Lincoln County map was published in 1879 n the midst of a busy period of county map-making in Kentucky. The map shows names and locations of 1000s of homeowners.  Each county is divided into Precincts – presumably an early political subdivison (not towns as in New England ). The largest city , Lancaster, is mapped in a large inset map as well as on the larger county map. Note that the railroad is shown coursing through Lancaster.  Railroads were new to this area in 1879.

Our county map image was made from the multi-image scans at the New York Public library this October.  We assembled the 4 pieces – cleaned up the edges and did other edits to make an attractive wall map.
We have 17 other old county wall maps for Kentucky counties.


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