Historic Indian Tribes Mapped in Willard’s 1829 Atlas of the United States

Historic Indian Tribe locations in the USA are shown on a charming 1829 map by Emma Willard, one of the first American women mapmakers.   This map shows the native names on top of our state outlines.   “Massachusets” on this map is a tribal area – not a state.


 You can see where the Massachusetts, Delawares, and Naragansetts and other groups lived.

The movements of tribes are also shown. In one image we see that the Lenni Lenape (Delawares) and Mengwe (Iroquois) moving to “unite and conquer the Alligewi.”

In the Great Lakes area we see both Native and English names for Lake Erie (Okswego) and Lake Ontario (Cataraqui ) or Ontario Lake”.

Chesapeake Bay is  the “Great Bay” (Chesapeake Bay) and on complete map below the Atlantic Ocean is called “Salt Water Lake or Great Water”.


Emma Willard and her Troy Academy for Women

This map is one of 12 maps made to go along with a History of the US published by Emma Willard for the women’s college she had established in Troy, New York in 1821.  She believed that maps were a powerful educational tool which could make history and geography easy to learn.  The map about the Indian Tribes is a unique feature of her history textbook.

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