Maps of Westfield, Massachusetts for its 350th Anniversary

This year, Westfield, Massachusetts is celebrating 350 years since it’s founding. On our website, we have multiple maps of Westfield through the years.

One of our oldest maps of Westfield is this town map taken from the 1857 county wall map of Hampden County, Massachusetts by H.F. Walling. This is a detailed map that shows all the houses and homeowner names.

We also have the map of Westfield Village, which was taken from the same county map.










This a a map of the Town of Westfield from the 1870 Hampden County Atlas, featuring insets of the villages of Little River and West Farms. Homeowners are also shown on this map.

A more detailed map of Downtown Westfield from the same atlas is also available.

We also have this colorful bird’s eye view of Westfield from 1875 by O. H. Bailey & Co.

The 1894 maps of Westfield from the Topographical Atlas of the County of Hampden, Massachusetts by L.J. Richards show most of the road and homeowner names.

The downtown section of Westfield is not shown in detail in the town map, but has its own detailed village map.

Our latest town maps of Westfield are from the 1912 Richards Standard Atlas of Hampden County, Massachusetts by Richards Map Co. These detailed maps show all of the land plots in the town, as well as road names and some landowner names.

Prints of all of these maps of Westfield and more can be seen at our website


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