Peak’s Island Birds-Eye View Maine 1886

Here’s the Peak’s Island Maine bird’s-eye view from 1886.  A nice example of this genre, though Peak’s Island is just a small metropolis!

The artist tries to show all the buildings on the island – even the windows and doors.






Peaks Island is just off the city of Portland Maine  – a short ferry ride then and now.  The Forest City steamboat, filled with passengers is headed back to the city.  It looks to be disproportionately large – artistic license…



The text at the bottom is a key to prominent sites – such as the Forrest City’s dock — No. 18.

 The island was a vacationland for Mainers – look at the roller coaster, skating rink and theatre (Nos. 1,2,3).

And what is that large tower?  A lookout to see the ships in Casco Bay?  







Off in the distance is a four masted schooner.  These large sailing vessels were the freighters of that time.




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