Two “New” Maps of New Hampshire Lakes- Lake Sunapee 1915 and Squam Lake 1920 – Now with Colored Water

We have just created two “new” old maps of Lake Sunapee and Squam Lake in New Hampshire. We have colored in the lakes and ponds in these monotone maps to both make the features more visible, and to make them more attractive wall prints.

A man named Hancox made several delightful maps of lake Sunapee in the early 1900s. We have just added  color to the 1915 map. Color gives the map  a lot more “bounce”. Hancox shows all the cottages and names prominent sites like the hostel.


The color in the water helps the lake stand out from it’s busy surroundings.



Our 1920 map of Squam Lake (“On Golden Pond”) has just been enhanced by adding color to the map. It’s an attractive and detailed map, but a bit “busy”. The color makes it easier to tell where the water meets the land.


The color especially helps make the Islands more visible!


Prints of these maps and other New Hampshire lake maps can be purchased at our website


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