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Bookstores & Gift Shops
Our prints of old maps make delightful gifts and do well in small bookstores and giftshops.
To date we have about 150 retail stores selling our maps throughout New England.
Town Maps
Our most popular items are the old Town maps with homeowner names and old roads.

People love seeing who lived in their house 150 years ago, or what sort of old mill stood on the stone ruins they drive by on the way to work.

An 1855 town map

Ready to price & sell

11" x14"

Packed in clear plastic sleeve with chipboard backing
  Retail Display Box for Old Maps Display box free for large orders.   
We have Town maps for every town, and many Village maps as well.
Minimum order $60  (10 small maps)
A typical small-shop order is for 4-6 maps of their Town + Village, and 1 map of each surrounding town.
The first order is returnable, though that is very rare.  If your shop has traffic and the maps are well displayed, they sell!
A typical small shop places 2-3 orders a year.
These maps are also available in larger sizes - 16"x20" / 18"x24".  Some maps, like the village maps for larger cities are only legible in larger sizes.
Other Maps
Retail Prices:
11" x 14"  (or 11" x17")        $10      
16" x 20"  or   18" x 24"        $20
Discount:       40%

$ 7  Priority Mail (Post office)
EXAMPLE   Typical Order
4 Town of Dover
2 Village of Dover
1 each of 4 nearby towns
10  Maps    11" x 14"     $60
shipping                          $ 7
  Total                           $67

To see the actual maps available, go to Town Maps under your state.
Here are 3 links for a typical small town in Vermont  -
 Bradford Town     Bradford Village
See also some Other Maps
Old Maps PO Box 54  West Chesterfield, NH  03466        www.old-maps.com  or EMAIL