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Old Maps of
Burlington, Vermont
Maps for sale on CDROM, on paper, and some free maps.
Chittenden County                     See also  Lake Champlain Maps

    Burlington Vermont 1857  
1833 Johnson (digital photo) 
11" x 14"   16" x20"
(made from digital photo)
1853 Presdee & Edwards 
order on separate page
1857 Burlington and Winooski  
16" x20"
1869 Beers Atlas Downtown Map
separate page
1869 Beers Atlas Downtown "Closeup"
11" x 17"  or  18" x 24"
1890 Burlington Downtown
18" x 24" or 24" x 30"   very detailed map
Map of the City of Bulington 1890 (City Only)  
1890 Burlington - Waterfront to UVM
24" x 36"  or 36" x 44"    very detailed map
1890 City of Burlington Only
36" x 48"   or   24" x 36"  (lettering very small in this size)
Taken from the large Hopkins Wall map..  very detailed map
1890 Hopkins Wall Map
A remarkably detailed city map.
Order on separate page
Burlington Vermont 1857      
1857 Burlington Poster Map   separate page     1857 Map of Town of Burlington 
16" x 20"
1857 Burlington & Environs 
24" x 36"     or  18" x24" (lettering small)

1853                               1869                          1890
Burlington Harbor - 1872 & 1990
separate page
Church Street  - 3 maps      1853  1869   1890  
The size listed is the recommended print size.  You can order these maps at any size. Fill in the order form below.  

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Historical Society                                   
History of Burlington (Not on-line)

Type map you want  in the first space below, and the dollar amount in the second space.  Be sure to add the S/H charge of $8.00 (or $4 for 11"x14").

There are two ways to order:

1) Credit Card: 

Enter your print's name and size
Type the name of the map you want(from above) and size:
(eg:  "
1857 Burlington & Winooski   16"x20"  )
Price ($):
  ($28 is for 16x20 + shipping  -  $16 for 11" x 14")
Additional description or instruction:

11" x 14"  (17) @$12
16" x 20"   @$20
18" x 24"   @$20
24" x 36"   @$30
36" x 48"      $50

$8.00 for large sizes
(rolled in a tube -Priority Mail)

$4.00  for   11" x14" size

Below:   Research Quality Maps of Burlington

These maps are offered for on-line viewing and download at no charge. They are NOT high quality scans:  most are digital photographs.  Some details may not be legible (varies with the map).

1833 Burlington - Johnson    digital photo .  This is an important early map. The names on this map are legible when we print it at 18"x24".  Click on the image to see more.

Click Here to see the  "Research Quality" Maps

This link leads you to a "slideshow" of several more maps. Run the slideshow and then click on a map to see more.  In some cases the entire map is not available.These images are from the uncataloged Burlington maps filed at the Library of Congress, Geography & Maps Division.

 (Most of the millions of maps that LC has are not cataloged.  The only way you can know what they have is to visit the Geography & Map Division and ask for all the mapsof your town!)

Prints are available in the sizes noted below. The maps with finer lettering will be legible only in larger sizes


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