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List of Lake Champlain Maps at Library of Congress
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Partial list of "shelf" maps at the Library of Congress, Geography & Maps Division.
List prepared May, 2009, from digital photographs by "Old Maps"

To see a specific map:    1) note the number in the left column
                                      2)  find that same number in the map's filename on the maps page

Year Year Author from folder Description Title Author on image
1 17xx 17-- na tiny na na
2 17xx 17-- na tiny Plan du Lac Champlain na
3 17xx 17-- na colored Lake Champlain na
4 17xx 17-- na A Plan of A Plan of Lake Champlain: St. Johns Crown Point na
5 172x [172-] na Carte du Lac_ Carte du Lac Champlain avec Les Rivieres na
6 172x [172-] na Carte du Lac_ Carte du Lac Champlain avec Les Rivieres na
7 1732 1732 Anger "Carte du Lac Champlain" Carte du Lac Champlain Chaussegros de Lery
8 1732 1732 na "Carte du Lac Champlain" Carte du Lac Champlain na
9 1732 1732 Chaussegros de Lery Carte du Lac Champlain C. de Lery
10 1739 1739 na Plan… na
11 1740 1740 C. de Lery "Carte du Lac Champlain" Carte du Lac Champlain C. de Lery
12 1743 1743 C. de Lery Carte du Lac Champlain C. de Lery
13 1748 1748 C. de Lery O'Callaghan Map of Lake Champlain C. de Lery
14 175x [175-] na Fort Frederic French Draft of Lake Champlain na
15 1752 1752 Franquet grants Carte du Lac Champlain Franquet
16 1758 1758 na large Part of Lake Champlain na
17 1759 1759 Wm. Peasier big Plan of the Fortress and dependent Forts at Crown Point Wm. Peasier
18 1762 [1762] William Brassier "A Survey" A Survey of Lake Champlain W. Carleton Dehn
19 176x [176-] na skimpy na na
20 1763 1763 Simon Metcalf cartouche, land claims A Chart of Lake Champlain Simon Metcalf
21 1776 1776 F.W.G. Gutdes Riedesel's papers Plan du Montagne et de la Riviere Chambly F.W.G Gutdes
22 1776 1776 na Riedesel's papers Plan to Track from... na
23 1776 1776 Charles Wintersmith Riedesel's papers Plan of Lake Champlain Charles Wintersmith
24 1776 1776 na gone missing na
25 177x [177-] na Land Grants Notes na
26 1791 1791 Gother Mann (colored) Plan of part of Lake Champlain Gother Mann
with the Communication down to St Johns
27 1791 1791 Gother Mann "Plan of Part of" Plan of part of Lake Champlain showing the posts of Gother Mann
St Johns, Isle aux Noix, Point au Fer, and Dutchman's Point
28 1813 [1813] na Rouses Point Plan of Rouses Point at the foot of Lake Champlain na
29 1844 1844 J. Disturnell tiny Map of Lake Champlain and Route Between Albany & Montreal J. Disturnell
30 1850 [1850] Pease Fr. + Engl. Grants Map of French & English Grants on Lake Champlain Richard H. Pease
31 185x [185-] S. Fletcher "A New Map" A New Map of Lake Champlain S. Fletcher
32 1870 1870 U.S. Lighthouse Board Lake Champlain and Whitehall Narrows U.S. Lighthouse Board
33 1871 1871 W.W. Ely Adirondacks Map to Accompany a Descriptive and Historical Guide to the Valley of Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks R.S. Styles


Revised: 05/20/19
Copyright © 2005 [Old Maps]. All rights reserved.