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Old Maps of Pennsylvania
Attractive maps for wall display  -  Reprints
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 These maps were chosen for their charm as well as their historical value.

Click on a thumbnail to see a larger image of the map (images are degraded for the web).

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Howell Map of Pennsylvania 1792
1792 Howell
orig. 37 x 64     Rumsey Collection
Very important early map.  Detailed, with exact state boundary
Sotzmann Map of Pennsylvania 1797
1797 Sotzmann
orig. 16 x 28      Rumsey Collection
German map. Very attractive

Arrowsmith Map of Pennsylvania 1812
1812 Arrowsmith
orig. 8 x 10     Rumsey Collection
Small, simple map with geographic features

Carey & Lea  Map of Pennsylvania, 1822
1822 Carey & Lea
orig. 13 x 20     Rumsey Collection
Colorful; mountain ranges


Finley Map of Pennsylvania 1829
1829 Finley
orig. 15 x 19     Library of Congres
Counties colored

Bradford Map of Pennsylvania 1838
1838 Bradford
orig. 10 x 12     Rumsey Collection
Small map with counties, cities, and geographic features

Burr Map of Pennsylvania 1839
1839 Burr - Post Routes
orig. 37 x 49     Library of Congress
A very detailed road map made before the railroad era. The "Post Routes" shown here were the best roads in the state.

Mitchell Map of Pennsylvania 1870
1870 Mitchell
orig. 11.5 x 14     Rumsey Collection
Decorative border

Walling & Gray Railway Map of Pennsylvania, 1872
1872 Railway Map  - Walling & Gray
orig. 15 x 23     Rumsey Collection
Shows every RR. Nice!
Asher&Adams Map of Pennsylvania 1874
1874  Asher & Adams
orig. 16 x 22    Rumsey Collection
Pennsylvania & New Jersey.

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