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Bird's Eye Views of Virginia
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Beautiful urban views from the collections of the Library of Congress and other sources.
We have edited the Library of Congress'  views by removing blemishes and adjusting colors to make them more attractive.
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1863 Alexandria - Magnus  
orig size approx 17" x 25"
1891 Bedford City - Wellge
 orig size approx 22" x 31"
1912 Bristol - Fowler 
 orig size approx 29" x 36"
1891  Buena Vista - American Publishing Co. 
  orig size approx 21" x 36"
1907 Emporia - Fowler 
orig size approx  24" x 30"
1907 Franklin - Fowler   
 orig size approx 20" x 26"
1862 Fredericksburg - Sachse  
 orig size approx 12" x 18"
1891 Newport News - American Publishing Co. 
 orig size approx 24" x 36"
Norfolk 1892 - Wellge
orig size approx 26" x 42"
Norfolk & Portsmouth 1873 -  Drie
 orig size approx 24"x36"
 Pocahontas 1911 - Fowler
orig size approx 18"x26"
Richmond 1863 - Wells
orig size approx 8"x10"
Roanoke 1891 - American Publishing Company  
 orig size approx 26"x42"
Suffolk 1907 - Fowler 
 orig size approx 28"x 39"
Waynesboro 1891 - American Publishing Company
orig size approx 23" x 36"

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