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F.W. Beers Atlas of Caledonia County Vermont, 1875


Sample PDF

To view a sample of what the publication looks like, click on the link below, or right click an and 'save target as' to download to your computer. 

NOTE:  This file is small compared to the original, but it is around 2mb and may be slow for dialup users.
   Beers Atlas 1875 Sample PDF

This is a greatly reduced quality copy of the entire publication.
Names are illegible, but this demonstrates the publication format and gives a visual reference for what is included.

County Atlas of Caledonia, Vermont, By F.W. Beers    
CD-ROM Reproduction by Old Maps, West Chesterfield, NH  03466    
  Page *   
 Cover                                                                                                                             no #  
Title Page no #  
Table of Contents 1 no pg 2-3
Airline Distances 4 no pg 5
Map of the World 6-7 no pg 8-9
Map of the US 10-11 no  pg 12
Map of Vermont 13 no pg 14
Plan of Caledonia County     15 no pg 16
NEWARK 17 no pg 18
SHEFFIELD 19 no pg 20
SUTTON 21 no pg 22
Sheffield, Sutton, Burke Hollow 23 no pg 24
BURKE 25 no pg 26
West Burke 27 no pg 28
WHEELOCK 29 no pg 30
East Burke, Wheelock 31 no pg 32
River Side Cottage of Dudley Hall; Lyndon 34  
Lyndon Center & Lyndonville 35-36  
Lyndon, Lyndon Mill Cos. Village, East Lyndon 37  
Fairbanks Scale Works 38  
KIRBY 39  
Residences: Fairbanks, Johnson, Buzzell, May View, Walker, Willey 40  
STANNARD, East St. Johnsbury, Fair Ground 41  
Businesses: Randalls, Johnson's Block, Bank Block, St. Johnsbury House, Lyndon Academy 42  
ST. JOHNSBURY 43 no pg 44-45
Part of St. Johnsbury 46-47 no pg 48-50
Part of St. Johnsbury 51-53 no pg 54-58
Summerville 59-60  
Residence of Franklin Fairbanks 61  
Lyndon Mill Company 63  
Hardwick, E. Hardwick, Noyesville, Bailey's Woolen Factory 64  
Views in St. Johnsbury: Court House, Atheneum, South Cong.Ch., Graded School, St. Johnsbury Academy 65  
WALDEN 66 no pg 67
J.G. Hovey Farm, Residence of A.A. Pierce, St. Johnsbury 68  
DANVILLE 69-70  
Mapledale, Residence of G.W.Sprague, Giant Water Wheel 71  
Danville, N. Danville, W. Danville, S. Danville, Green Bank Hollow PO 72  
Residences in St. Johnsbury: Moore, Bingham, May, Stone, Fleetwood, Stiles 73  
WATERFORD 74 no pg 75
Waterford, Lower Waterford 76  
Residences in Lyndon:  B. F. Lincoln; W.H. McGaffey 77 no pg 78
Maple Grove, Residence of S.W. Sprague; L.K. Quimby 79 (2 pg 79s)
PEACHAM, S. Peacham, Peacham, Peacham Hollow 79-80 no pg 81-82
BARNET, Passumpsic 83-84 no pg 85-86
Barnet, W. Barnet, Norrisville, McIndoes Falls 87-88 no pg 89
GROTON 90 no pg 91
RYEGATE 92 no pg 93
Groton, South Ryegate, Ryegate 94 no pg 95
Business Notices 96-99  
Total # of Towns 17  
Total # of Original pages 64  
Total # of Town and village maps 53  
Total # of Pictures 43  
Total # of Pages this edition 76  
*  This atlas has unusual pagination - many page numbers are omitted. This list shows the actual map pages and those which are omitted. For example "no pg 14" indicates that the original atlas does not have a page 14. The map on page 13 is followed by the map on page 15.    

Revised: 08/21/17
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